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Keeping the Love Alive. Even After Kids

Having kids changes your relationship. It’s as simple as that. For anyone who says it doesn’t, I’d love to hear about how having your spouse watch you give birth didn’t change how they viewed you. Or how constantly having kids around doesn’t dampen the mood. I mean let’s get real here, the love game changes once you have […]

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grace filled resolutions

Giving Yourself Grace in the Resolution Season

Well, the Holidays are over, and everyone is somewhat glad for it. EXCEPT for this whole resolution thing–I mean talk about a whole other animal… I’m sure some of us still haven’t even sent out our holiday cards yet! So, the thought of making resolutions is a bit much to process.  This time of year can […]

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holiday season

Creating a Heart for Others in Your Children This Holiday Season

Maybe you are like me and your Christmas tree has been up since Black Friday…. But, as I was decorating my home this year, I realized that this is the first year that I have a child that can somewhat understand this holiday season. Which got me to brainstorming on how I can begin to […]

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A Mom’s Definition of “Mom-Brain”

This is not a scientific explanation for the term mom-brain. Rather it is one mom’s perspective on what that term means in real life and some of the effects it can have on all moms. Mom-brain is a condition where your brain has been drastically altered from carrying a child and then caring for a […]

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Before 8 a.m. on Saturday {Katie}

Growing up, my dad gave me the nickname “Little Bit” because I would always plead, “just a little bit more sleep,” when he would attempt to wake me up in the morning for school. That nickname still applies today–especially when my kids inform me that the, “Sky’s awake, so they’re awake. So we must play.” […]

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never do

Things We Promised We’d Never Do As Parents

Do you remember those days leading up to your life changing forever? I’m talking about the days right before you and your partner entered the parenthood club, of course. Those days were filled with such anticipation and well, ignorance if we are all being honest of your little bundle of joy coming home. The discussions […]

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PWAT Collage two

Getting Twisted, a Night Out Painting with my Husband

We are thankful to Painting With A Twist for providing this sponsored post. However, the thoughts and feelings are our own as we only share companies that we personally know and love! Having an evening out is way easier said than done, am I right??? Arranging someone to watch your kiddos, getting yourself out of the yoga pants, […]

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