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Keeping Chaos at Bay: Four Tips to Staying Organized as a Mom

Organization is not my natural inclination. As a single person, that worked out most of the time. I probably was not as productive as I could be, but I organized the big stuff – I knew where my extra checkbooks were and could find my socks. Low bar, I know! I vaguely hoped for more […]

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Cultivating Gratitude in Our Family

There are so many important things that I hope my kids learn in life. Gratitude is one of those values that I hope my kids take with them into the world. Like many households, we try to instill gratitude in our children. “Please” and “Thank-you” are required vocabulary for my kids, and I have a habit […]

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Just One More Story

“Read me another story, Mommy.” he says as he leans his tousled five-year old head against my shoulder. I rub my cheek against his hair, inhaling. He smells of the sandbox and play dough and needing a bath. “All right, just one more story,” I reply. He hands me a book and I start to […]

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