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Worry, Fear, and the Unknown: Taking Back My Kids Childhood

Growing up, I would definitely call myself a worrisome child. I would worry about all types of things and then those worries would turn into nightmares at night as I slept. It wasn’t every night but it happened a lot. One of my favorite shows growing up was a show called Rescue 911. Now, if […]

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Saving Your Kid’s Childhood: Treasuring Keepsakes

With four kids, the amount of teeth, baby hair, drawings, report cards, pictures and other keepsakes I have, is bound to become insurmountable. With my first child, I wanted to keep everything and I couldn’t part with any of it! I kept his hospital hat, his hospital bands, the little card they wrote his name […]

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The Negative Side of Facebook

It’s been nine years since I made that fatal decision to join Facebook. Not to be dramatic or anything, but I use the word fatal because in a way, I feel like this particular social media platform has slowly ruined a little bit of my outlook on life, friends, strangers and the human race as […]

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saturday morning

Our Beautiful Mundane Life: Before 8 a.m. on Saturday {Sarah}

I have always been so captivated by people. I LOVE to watch them and see what they are all about. Their mannerisms and behavior is something that can be very fascinating. It’s interesting to be able to see what makes us all different but also see the things that we can relate to.  So when […]

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A Different Side to Postpartum Recovery

This ain’t my first rodeo. I have been in this “childbearing” phase for the last 10 years. I now have four children, one of which was just born. With my first baby, I remember reading everything there was about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum recovery and raising children. I thought I knew what to expect for the […]

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Smart Phone

Why I Don’t Want My Kid to Have a Phone that’s Smarter than He is

Before I ever had kids, I always thought that I would be the cool mom. You know the type, the one that is more like a friend than a parent. As their best friend, my kids would tell me everything. I would trust them completely and not worry about them making bad decisions- because they would […]

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Nurture Yourself

Putting Yourself Last. Selfless or Reckless?

For most women, there seems to be a natural progression that can start as early as our elementary school days and follow us throughout our whole lives. This progression follows the road of nurturing and selflessness. The act of putting others before ourselves is something that just seems like second nature for most women. From […]

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