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Saving Your Kid’s Childhood: Treasuring Keepsakes

With four kids, the amount of teeth, baby hair, drawings, report cards, pictures and other keepsakes I have, is bound to become insurmountable. With my first child, I wanted to keep everything and I couldn’t part with any of it! I kept his hospital hat, his hospital bands, the little card they wrote his name […]

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The After Me: Coming to Terms with My Postpartum Body

My husband and I are done having children. We have three beautiful babies, ranging from six to one years old. We are full of gratitude. We are content. We run a small circus. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Having said this, recently I realized that my body is my own again. And this time, really […]

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second pregnancy

First vs. Second Pregnancy: The Second Trimester

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for my comparison of the second trimesters of my two pregnancies. I’m happy to report that I’ve recently entered my third trimester, and can now give a thorough summary. A Pain in My Butt (and Hips and Calves and Feet) Oh, these aching hips of mine. […]

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Stretchy Pants and Surrogacy: The Ultimate Sacrifice

We are thankful to Colorado Surrogacy for providing this sponsored post. But, the thoughts & feelings are our own and we only share companies that we personally know & love!Pregnancy is one of the most admirable sacrifices a woman makes in her lifetime. The result of intense morning sickness, countless sleepless nights, and many trips […]

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