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Make Time for Girlfriends: A Requirement for Any Season of Life

A couple of decades ago, I received a letter in the mail (gasp!) from one of my three closest college friends. The gist of her message: Our friendship mattered and jobs, miles, husbands, children and new friends shouldn’t alter that. Apparently, she and the other two friends had stayed in closer touch. “We love you, […]

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table for one

Table for One, Please! A Mom’s Newest Guilty Pleasure

I did something crazy recently.  I went out to lunch by myself.  I’ve considered it.  With my husband overseas for another year, eating out is something that just doesn’t happen much anymore.  It’s not always easy to find someone to join you for lunch.  Growing up, it was more of a luxury, and in many […]

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embracing more of the same

New Year, Old Me: Embracing More of the Same

Each New Year’s celebration brings with it the inevitable question of what you might want to embrace in the next calendar year. Lose weight? Gain experiences? Make more money? Mulling over what your next season has in store makes turning the calendar page over to January so exciting. It’s a chance to embrace something new. Or is it?  […]

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grace filled resolutions

Giving Yourself Grace in the Resolution Season

Well, the Holidays are over, and everyone is somewhat glad for it. EXCEPT for this whole resolution thing–I mean talk about a whole other animal… I’m sure some of us still haven’t even sent out our holiday cards yet! So, the thought of making resolutions is a bit much to process.  This time of year can […]

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hello 2017

Hello 2017… I’ve been waiting for you.

  Just say it. Just do it. Stop chirping. Stop planning. Stop debating. Stop thinking and DO IT. Whatever ‘it’ is. 2016 has passed, and I can’t help but feel a camaraderie with all the memes, and Facebook jokes. I don’t know about you but 2016 was tough. Celebrity deaths, although sad, don’t really affect […]

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wont resolve

What I Won’t Resolve in 2017

2016 was rough. It dealt me a few unexpected blows and left me a little bruised and battle weary. I’m not the same woman I was when I entered 2016, but I’m not sure that I would want to be. Hard times have their own special way of burning away the chaff to reveal where […]

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All I Want for Christmas is You, and You, and You: Holidays with Extended Family

My husband and I were both raised in Colorado Springs, and we both have a lot of family members who still live here. We also have a three-year-old, who is somewhat of a hot commodity around the holidays (does anyone get more excited about receiving presents than a three-year-old?!). For these reasons, this time of […]

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