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Make Time for Girlfriends: A Requirement for Any Season of Life

A couple of decades ago, I received a letter in the mail (gasp!) from one of my three closest college friends. The gist of her message: Our friendship mattered and jobs, miles, husbands, children and new friends shouldn’t alter that. Apparently, she and the other two friends had stayed in closer touch. “We love you, […]

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Saving Your Kid’s Childhood: Treasuring Keepsakes

With four kids, the amount of teeth, baby hair, drawings, report cards, pictures and other keepsakes I have, is bound to become insurmountable. With my first child, I wanted to keep everything and I couldn’t part with any of it! I kept his hospital hat, his hospital bands, the little card they wrote his name […]

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The After Me: Coming to Terms with My Postpartum Body

My husband and I are done having children. We have three beautiful babies, ranging from six to one years old. We are full of gratitude. We are content. We run a small circus. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Having said this, recently I realized that my body is my own again. And this time, really […]

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This Mom Life: A Story of Disaster During the Devil’s Holiday

Halloween last year at our house was super scary. But, it wasn’t our costumes scaring everyone off. It was the fact that the stomach flu was ripping through our house like a hurricane.  My husband made a half-hearted attempt at taking our oldest two trick-or-treating even though he still had a fever himself, while I […]

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Cry If You Want To

Recently a fellow mom blogger wrote a piece on why she won’t post pics of her kids crying on Facebook.  I read her post and greatly respect her opinion and point of view, but I happen to have the completely opposite opinion.  As all moms know, we don’t always agree, and that’s okay. Here’s why […]

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How Marijuana May Affect Your Pregnancy

We are so thankful to Good To Know Colorado for providing this sponsored post. Due to the nature of this post the contributor has been kept anonymous. Positive. That one little symbol on the pregnancy test that literally changed everything in my life. I was not expecting to see a positive result, but there it […]

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