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Why the color began to fade (3)

Part Two of “Why I Want a Little Pink in my World” : Why the Colors Began to Fade

Many of you wonderful readers out there read my last blog post, “Why I Need a Little Pink in my World”, and so, I thought it only fair to write an update just a few days after finding out the gender of this precious, fourth child due in August. I wrote about how after having […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend BLOOM with Colorado Springs Moms Blog!

Bloom :: An Event for New and Expectant Moms is coming up in a week and a half.  Why do you want to join us at Bloom?  We have been so busy behind the scenes making sure this event is perfect to celebrate motherhood and give you an incredible morning out.  Our adorable swag bags […]

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Baby Monitor Round-up: Take 2

Baby Monitor Round-up #2: The Angelcare AC601 Last time, I briefly went over the Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor. That monitor is a pulse and oxygenation monitor, and it’s particularly helpful to have if your little one has health concerns. It can really relieve some stress and let you get some sleep with the assurance […]

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Pediatrician Review_Colorado Springs

Finding The Pediatrician You (And Your Kids) Deserve

Few things can prepare you for the sheer volume of decisions you will make as a parent. From the mind-numbingly benign (change his diaper now or later? this brand of applesauce or that?) to those that will supposedly shape the trajectory of your child’s life (hello, nine months of name discussions) you are making decisions […]

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