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two year old

A Dad’s Perspective: Three Lessons I’ve Learned From Raising a Two Year Old

I realized the other day – as my daughter screamed, “I want my breakfast, daaaddyyy!” while I was changing her poopy diaper – that I had entered a different realm of living. While I’m doing something for her, she’s already petitioning for the next thing… and the next. This is a strange reality. “I want [...]
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Keeping Chaos at Bay: Four Tips to Staying Organized as a Mom

Organization is not my natural inclination. As a single person, that worked out most of the time. I probably was not as productive as I could be, but I organized the big stuff – I knew where my extra checkbooks were and could find my socks. Low bar, I know! I vaguely hoped for more […]

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new mom

Advice for New Moms: What I Want You to Know

Hey you, new mom. You had a baby recently or you are finally holding your prayed-for-and-adopted child in your arms. You're a jumble of emotions—excitement and fear and wonder and maybe even sadness. While you're thrilled to have a little one in your arms, you're overwhelmed with the responsibility. I get it. Welcome to the hardest, most stretching, most [...]
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