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The Lazy Days of Summer?

When I was a kid, summer seemed to stretch on forever. Sleeping late, wearing shorts and running through sprinklers. And we had our share of day camps and a road trip or two but the majority of our time was unscripted and spontaneous. We were out of school from around Memorial Day to right after […]

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Kristin Volunteer

Do you hear that siren call? Come…Volunteer in Your Child’s Classroom….

It’s that time of year again, back to school. If you have school aged children, you are hearing the siren call of every school, teacher, PTA and school organization….Come volunteer with us! Why Should I Volunteer? While you certainly don’t have to (unless you belong to a school that requires it), volunteering is just that-Voluntary! […]

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Back To School in a New Groove

  It’s back to school time.  Yay!! After spending the summer driving my kids all over the place for their activities and listening to them bicker, I’m ready!!  While I am sad, because I really do enjoy having them around and the freedom and flexibility that summer brings, I’m also ready for them to go back. Since it […]

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