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Stay Calm. You’ve GOT This. Now Make Sure THE KIDS See That.

I want my kids to have faith that I can handle anything. I want my kids to learn how to handle things themselves. I want my kids to have faith in their ability to handle things all by themselves. This doesn’t happen overnight.  This doesn’t happen from one conversation. It happens when we show them, […]

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Boo Hoo Hoo: Co-Parenting Through Shared Holidays

Don’t plan to opt out of all holiday activities simply because your children are away. Plan to be part of a larger celebration with friends or other family members. Visit your place of worship. Attend that party. Wear that ugly Christmas sweater. Put out milk and cookies for Santa. Exchange Valentine’s Day notes with your […]

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Cry If You Want To

Recently a fellow mom blogger wrote a piece on why she won’t post pics of her kids crying on Facebook.  I read her post and greatly respect her opinion and point of view, but I happen to have the completely opposite opinion.  As all moms know, we don’t always agree, and that’s okay. Here’s why […]

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