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Meet our Writing Team

Meet The Colorado Springs Moms Blog Writing Team

Adrienne West


Adrienne is a Colorado native and would not want to live anywhere else! She spends her days juggling the many demands of three teen boys and a preschooler. When she is not busy deciphering the perplexing teen boy brain, or trying to please her diva daughter, you will most likely find her nose in a book. She is passionate about coordinating a local MOPS group (Mother’s of Preschoolers) and in encouraging other moms. She also loves finding great happy hour places with her husband, Shawn, and acting young and sometimes crazy with friends! She does not spend enough time outdoors (unless forced to) and comes up with any excuse to put off cleaning her chaotic house. She is very grateful for her completely imperfect life. 

Amber Mello


Amber was born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado. She grew up in Rockrimmon until she was 9, when her family moved to the eastern plains of Colorado until she was 17. At 17, Amber came back to Colorado Springs and stayed put. She married her favorite guy in 2008 and settled on the east side of Colorado Springs. Amber is mother to two sweet, rambunctious girls, aged 7 and 4. Amber’s two girls share her love of being outdoors, comic books, and Harry Potter. They stay busy (and keep their parents busy) with their creative play and soccer practices and games. In Amber’s free time, she enjoys reading young adult fiction books. She just finished Pax by Sarah Pennypacker and is always open for suggestions for her next read! She also enjoys listening to and telling life stories with friends over a nice glass of wine.

Ashley Hamershock


Ashley is a wife, mom to two zany little boys and former reporter. She has moved a couple of dozen times through the Midwest, California and Hawaii. She lived in Monument and Colorado Springs for a few years growing up and, having always had family in the area, visited at least once a year since moving away. In 2013, she and her own family made Colorado Springs their permanent home, built a house and settled down. They LOVE Colorado and plan to stay! Ashley has reported, written and edited for The Associated Press, Bloomberg News and other newspapers and magazines. These days, she volunteers at her kids’ school library, paints glass, works out when her boys are at swim lessons and sneaks up to the loft to read when she has a rare free moment. Before meeting her husband, travel was her true love. Fortunately, it was his, as well. Between them, they have visited more than 50 countries. Their sons (4 and 7) have the travel bug, too. They have spent hundreds of hours on planes, trains, ships and road trips – these rugged little boys can’t get enough. They consider themselves lucky to live in Colorado, where countless camping trips and other adventures await them. Ashley is honored to contribute to Colorado Springs Moms Blog because if we all help each other, life is better.

Becky Collins

Bio pic

Becky is a Colorado native who lives on the east side of the Springs with her 4 year old son Sam, her husband Matt, and 3 dogs and 1 cat. She has been married for 15 years. She has worked in healthcare management for her entire working life and transitioned to working for herself from her home office 4 years ago. She is grateful for the flexibility that self-employment offers but still wishes for more hours in a day to get everything done. Becky has trouble saying no and loves to be involved with a cause or a purpose. If you need someone for a committee or to get things done, she is your girl. She still makes the time to be there for friends and family. When she is not caught up in the busy-ness of her life, she loves to cook, bake, read, craft, watch movies and, of course, write. She is obsessed with cooking shows and loves to try new recipes. Her husband is her willing guinea pig for her creations.  

Bonnie Lorber


Bonnie is a former Air Force Brat who hails from all over. Originally born in Nashville, Tennessee, Bonnie has lived in Alamogordo, New Mexico; Charleston, South Carolina; Biloxi, Mississippi; Eagle River, Alaska and finally settled in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2002. She met her Firefighter Husband, Joshua in 2008, married in 2010 and welcomed two beautiful boys in 2014 and 2015 who are conveniently 14 months apart. Before she became a Stay at Home Mom, Bonnie was a Supervisor at a successful Investment Firm based out of Baltimore, Maryland. When she’s not in the throws of potty training or laundry folding, you could most likely find her in the gym which is like a second home for her. She is passionate about health and fitness and hopes to encourage and inspire her family and others to stay active. While making it through the day on grace and coffee, Bonnie also enjoys DIY, binge watching episodes of Fixer Upper and starting books without finishing them. She is beyond thrilled to be a part of the incredible team at Colorado Springs Moms Blog and is excited for the opportunity to connect with other local mamas!


Crystal Foltz


Crystal is a Colorado native that grew up right here in Colorado Springs. Although she has left on occasion to satisfy her wanderlust, for Crystal, all roads continue to lead her home.  Before becoming the mama of two darling girls, Calista (Nov. 2012) and Hartlyn (Sept. 2014), she graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in English Literature and International Studies. After graduation, she taught reading, English and drama in the inner cities of Miami and Denver. She then moved back to Colorado Springs to teach at a local high school, right here, in Monument, CO. She is a SSAHWM (single, stay at home, working, mom.) When she is not blogging for CSMB, she is running her event (photo booth) company, and her tutoring company Finding balance is a daily challenge but she is learning to not only find but to embrace the crazy in life. There is peace in every storm and sunshine in every day. She is a mama with a bucket load of faith. In her downtime she seeks out sunshine and water, Netflix marathons and is beginning to find solace at the gym. She loves this community, all things organic, DIY skin care, coffee, treats, laughing until she pees, finding the beauty in the banal, dance parties in the kitchen, quiet moments, finding a great deal, having an adventure, doing nothing and a lot of somethings. Her life song is Garth Brooks, “The River,” and her current life motto is “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” –Francis of Assissi. She is honored to be writing beside a team of amazing women.

Dana Barton


Dana Barton is the Deputy Director for The Rocky Mountain ADA Center (RMADAC).  Her role within the organization is to lead the staff’s daily efforts to provide the Rocky Mountain Region with technical support, training, guidance and the most updated information pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  She is also the organization’s spokesperson for public media and community relations initiatives within the region. Prior to joining RMADA, Barton served as the Business Relations and Employment Development Director at the Pikes Peak Workforce Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. In this role, she planned and implemented business services, and youth and adult programming under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. In this role, Dana worked closely with community partners to provide training and development opportunities to individuals with disabilities to increase their employment opportunities. She brings to RMADA over 10 years of extensive work within the ADA’s Title I and Title III with the experience she gained as Director of Recruitment for the world famous Broadmoor Hotel. Among her many accomplishments at The Broadmoor; she led a program that recruited students with disabilities from local school districts to work for the hotel as paid interns. Throughout her life, Dana has worked tirelessly in support of people with disabilities. Her work has included supporting initiatives for families with deaf children so that their loved ones are empowered to fulfill their life dreams. She is also an active volunteer in her children’s elementary school, supporting the school’s mission to integrate students with disabilities into the classroom. Dana is also heavily involved with efforts in Colorado to educate employers on hiring combat-wounded veterans.  
In 2014, she was recognized as a Rising Star through the Colorado Springs Business Journal and received the Young Professional of the Year award from the Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Dana is married to her husband of 11 years, Benjamin, and they are busy raising two young children, Quinlan, 9, and Phebe 6. When she is not working, Dana enjoys spending time hiking in the mountains, raising backyard chickens, and cheering on her Alma Mater’s Michigan State Spartans!


Elayne Prechtel


Raised on a farm in rural Kansas, Elayne will always remain a country girl at heart. She has been married to her husband, Matt, for close to 20 years and they have three terrific children (15, 13 and 12). Proud to call Colorado Springs home, Elayne has been a stay-at-home mom for 15 years and has had many other careers in int’l business, youth sports, photography, and publishing. Some of her favorite things are reading non-fiction, taking pics, attempting yoga and marveling at the beauty and mess of motherhood. Her outlook on the importance of motherhood forever changed nearly a decade ago when her extended family suffered a tragic loss. The loss was so impactful, it inspired her to publish a legacy cookbook for her kids, sharing her heart through recipes, photos, and life lessons. This transforming journey transcended into an inspiring mission of “Sharing Life, Love and Food” with others teaching them that life is about living unabashed with open hands and heart.  She joyfully shares these topics, and more, on her blog and would love to have you join along on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  She looks forward to being a part of the Colorado Springs Moms Blog team and connecting with community.

Erica Colston


Erica grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, after moving there with her family at the age of nine from a small town in Connecticut. Her first marriage to an Airman brought her to Colorado Springs in 2005, and this beautiful city has been her home ever since. While her first marriage didn’t work out, it did give her three of the most incredible gifts ever, her children Audrey, Isaiah and Christian. Erica was blessed with another chance at love and married her husband, Brandon, in the fall of 2012. He brought two children, Devin and Averi, into the mix making them a family of 7. Erica received her BA in Public Relations and Marketing and uses her expertise as the Advertising Coordinator for COSMB. When not busy being mom to her troop of 5, Erica can be found engrossed in an episode of This is Us, playing her piano, doing yoga or sneaking away into the office to read. For additional glimpses into her life, you can follow Erica on Instagram

Gretchen Porter


When not hanging out with her energetic and super fun eleven year old son, Gretchen works full time at an online business as a content marketer and purchaser. She has a wonderful husband, having been surprised and blessed with a second chance at love. Together they enjoy playing board games, watching parody videos and staying up too late telling dumb jokes. In her free time, she loves to read, shop for purses, play games, watch football, laugh with her family, and dream of the next home improvement project.  

Jenny Bishop


Jenny grew up in South Dakota, right by Mt. Rushmore, but is now firmly rooted in Colorado Springs with her husband, their baby daughter, Clara, and their dog, Milo.  She works in water engineering/water law and helps to ensure Colorado Springs residents have water for the next fifty years. She’s trying to figure out what life looks like with the addition of a little one, but remembers loving to linger over good food with family and friends, making jewelry, playing piano and reading.  Most of all she loves being helpful and hopes that by contributing to Colorado Springs Moms Blog she can encourage others.

Kate Fugate


Kate is a Hoosier by birth but knew in her mid-teens that she’d live near the mountains. In college she spent a glorious summer in Colorado Springs volunteering at Glen Eyrie and vowed she’d come back somehow. This summer, she’ll have lived at the foot of Pikes Peak for ten years. She and her husband and one-year-old son live downtown in a home almost as old as the city itself. Kate attempts to garden in her free time, making a commitment to grow something strange and new each year. So far luffa sponges, quinoa, and various pumpkins have fed nothing but the squirrels. Prior to staying home with their son, Kate wrote and edited for a nonprofit that transformed the lives of children all over the world. She is passionate and nerdy and is continually surprised at the joy she has found in this new season of motherhood.

Katie Cordova


Katie is a Colorado Native, and has only ever known CO as home. She loves to travel though, but seeing the “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” sign will always be her favorite thing to come home too. There isn’t a day that she isn’t in awe of Pike’s Peak beauty. She’ll travel up America’s mountain in any form; driving, hiking, or riding the Cog. She met her CO Native husband when she was 14, and they have been together since she was 15. They are best friends, tackling parenting together. Having three kids in three years has only driven Katie to want to have a big family. Norah (3), Jonah (2) and Micah (coming in October) grow and stretch her everyday–literally. Her kid’s first words should have been “cheese” because of the amount of photos taken of them. Katie lives and breathes for interior design, photography, and anything pretty. There’s always music playing in her home, or a good podcast. She’s a sucker for a good classic movie, and knows every part of “Sound of Music” by heart. She is trying to recover from her sarcasm problem, but it’s overrated. Solid in her faith, she gives all the glory to God for any grace, kindness, or love in her life. Writing for the Colorado Springs Moms Blog has blessed her more ways than she can count, and is proud to be apart of this tribe of mamas creating community in her hometown!

Kris Helwege


Kris has called Colorado Springs her home since she was just six months old.  She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 13 years and is a stay at home mom to their three wonderful children, ages 7, 4 and 1.  When she’s not momming it up she loves to play a variety of sports including volleyball, basketball and tennis.  She dreams of one day having time to coach basketball again after falling in love with coaching a J.V. team for one season.  She loves being in the kitchen baking deliciousness but doesn’t do it as often as she would like, because she also loves eating the deliciousness. She and her husband Mike love watching movies and binge watching good series on Netflix.  Kris has two fur babies as well, a three-year-old Bernese Mountain dog weighing 140 pounds and a one-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that weighs 20.  They keep her almost as busy as her fur-less babies! Colorado Springs has been a wonderful home for her and her family and she thinks it could only be better if it had a beach and a shorter winters.

Krista Ward


As a stay at home mom to two little guys, Krista miraculously makes it through each day sans coffee, opting for tastier options that include the word “chocolate” in their names. She spent the first years of her life in Georgetown, Texas before moving to Colorado Springs, so although Colorado is undoubtedly home, “y’all” is still an integral part of her vocabulary. Through a wild turn of events, Krista has MasterDrive to thank not only for her mad driving skills but also her precious husband. Randy and Krista were married the summer before their senior year at Colorado Christian University, promptly making their way back to the Springs following graduation. Their family enjoys the plethora of stunning views that Colorado has to offer while hiking, off-roading, and camping each summer. When not being made more adventurous by her husband, Krista also enjoys simpler things like reading, cooking and baking, online shopping, mommy-dates, exercising, and strolling her boys around the neighborhood. Becoming a mom meant setting aside her dream job as a first grade teacher at a local charter school to pursue her greatest dream of raising her littles full-time, and Krista is learning how to navigate motherhood in new ways every second of every day. She is passionate about sharing both the triumphs and trials of motherhood with other moms in an authentic and relatable way.


Kristal Kupferman


Kristal is a native of California, lived in Utah, and now lovingly calls Colorado Springs home. She grew up in a household with four younger siblings and graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz.  Kristal has worked in summer camps and after school programs. She and her husband are the proud parents of a seven-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son.  After years of renting, they recently purchased their first house in Briargate. Kristal is an active member of her local MOMS Club chapter and PTA board.  In her spare time, she enjoys long walks in the aisles of Target, dancing it out in Zumba classes, drinking copious amounts coffee, cooking dinner as a form of therapy, and last but certainly not least, spending time outdoors with her family.

Kristin Shaw


Once Upon A Time, in another life, Kristin graduated from the University of Michigan with plans to teach high school math.  But then, life happened when she wasn’t looking….She ended up married to a soldier, and 20 years later they’ve got three kids and a dog.  Along the way she made 7 different places home, lived on 2 continents, volunteered for the Army, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and several schools; managed volunteer organizations, coached judo, trained to be a whitewater rafting guide biked down Pike’s Peak and even managed to teach some high schoolers math! She never knows what’s coming around the bend, but she’s learned to handle whatever life (and the Army!) throws her way with a smile and a laugh.  She’s pretty sure you can get through anything with those, even if you have to fake it occasionally!

Lindsay Tallman


Lindsay is a freelance business writer and a mom of 4. Originally from Nebraska, Lindsay fell in love with the mountains on her childhood vacations to Summit County. While attending college in Nebraska, she met her future husband on a blind date and later transferred to UCCS so they could live in the same city. After college, they spent 18 years moving around the country and growing their family through birth and adoption. In 2016, they moved back to Colorado Springs because the mountains have always felt like home. When she’s not busy writing or tripping over toys, she enjoys reading, traveling, and hanging out with her quirky kids.



Rachel Fredericks


Rachel is currently a full-time student at UCCS pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with the intent to continue on to a Master’s program in Counseling, Social Work, or other Human Services (she’s hoping there’s still time to decide). On the weekends, she teaches Sunday School to a group of fabulous K-3rd graders at the church her family has grown to love immensely since they discovered it over two years ago. Rachel is a military spouse of almost seven years and is married to the most incredible man she’s ever met. They began dating in high school 10 years ago and have been inseparable ever since. They have a four year old who loves to read, assemble puzzles, and learn about the solar system, and a two year old who enjoys pushing his older brother’s buttons when he isn’t learning the alphabet and how to count from him instead. Both are hilarious and kind, just like their father. Most days. While free time is rare, Rachel can be found spending some of it with her hubby, on a coffee date with friends, or reading an occasional book (so long as it can keep her attention). Periodically, she can carve out an hour or two to blog under her sentimental pseudonym, Gabby, about her faith, marriage, and other heavy, personal things that come to mind. Her Facebook page is a bit lighter and happier to follow ;). A words-of-affirmation-junkie and an INFJ who wants nothing more than to emerge from her shell, Rachel’s mission is to keep an open mind and to always be learning about the people with whom she shares this crazy, beautiful world.  

Rachel Lawhorn


Rachel is a native Coloradoan, though originally from Glenwood Springs. She followed her husband Chris to his hometown of Colorado Springs after having met in engineering school at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. Together they have three beautiful children, Tommy (2011), Tazzy (2014) and Zach (2015). Having a young and active family keeps Rachel on her toes trying to find ways to keep the ship sailing while still meeting all the demands of motherhood. Though Rachel loves her most important role as Mommy most, she also works full time outside the home as a Water Resources Engineer for the Colorado Division of Water Resources. This role helps keep her life in balance, bouncing from detailed and complex discussions about Colorado Water Law to the equally complex musings of her very talkative children. When Rachel isn’t busy with work or kids, she enjoys visiting family, baking, photography, writing here and at her blog, and running a home crafting business.

Rebecca Cordova


Rebecca is a Colorado Native, living first in Loveland and then in Colorado Springs. She spent time in the Republic of Boulder for her Bachelor’s degree, and then traipsed out east to Pennsylvania for a Master’s degree, both of which are in Psychology. She works part time as a caseworker at a local nonprofit helping homeless families get back on their feet. She is happy to be a wife to her hard working husband, and a mama to her school age son and daughter. As a mom, she has lots of practice in not sleeping and surviving temper tantrums, and is really good at reading aloud. Her purse and mini van are clean on some days. She is not good at organizing papers and managing to keep in touch with people. She didn’t realize she was an introvert until she was well over 30, but did not have any babies until she was well over 30, so go figure! Favorite things include working out at the gym, travel, drinking real tea, listening to (far too many) podcasts, reading, gardening, exploring the world with her kids and husband, catching up with her network of sweet friends, and trying to make life meaningful.

Sara Lewis


Sara was born in Colorado Springs, and lived here her entire life until she attended college at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. There, she earned her degree in Journalism and Political Science. Sara met her husband, Luke, in the summer of 2008 while working at Wag N Wash Healthy Pet Center, although they didn’t start dating until 2011 – after Sara had graduated from college and Luke had joined the Air Force. They married in 2012, when Luke was stationed in a small town in West Texas. Shortly after moving to the Lone Star State, Sara started her career in local television. She did everything from running the cameras, to producing the five o’clock news, to creating marketing campaigns for local businesses. Sara’s daughter Cora was born in 2013, and Sara got her first taste of being a full-time working mom while living over 600 miles from her own parents. Luke’s Air Force enlistment ended in the summer of 2015, so they high-tailed it back to Colorado Springs as soon as they could. Now, Sara lives near Old Colorado City and works in the marketing department of a law firm in Downtown Colorado Springs. She loves spending time with her family, cooking, biking, photography and playing with makeup (that’ll happen after working in television in Texas).

Sarah Wenger


Sarah lives in Colorado Springs with her husband Kevin (Jr High Math Teacher), three boys and one girl. She spent the first part of her life growing up in a small town in Massachusetts. When she was 12 years old, her parents moved the family to the beautiful Colorado Springs. She went to college in New York, majoring in Communications and playing two collegiate sports, soccer and basketball. She recently decided to change career paths and went from working outside the home, to a stay at home mom. When she’s not running after three active boys, you can find her playing competitive volleyball, hanging with her close girlfriends, hiking with her family, watching too much reality television or hiding in the bathroom for a moments peace. She is a very proud coach’s wife that loves to support her husband at games as he coaches boys varsity basketball. Sarah loves many things in life including fashion, food, DIY projects, singing, good reads, sports and will blog about it all and more!

Sierra Pearson

Sierra Pearson

Sierra has lived in Colorado Springs for 5 years, and has completely fallen in love with the area. She was raised in rural Idaho on a farm, so everything country runs in her veins. Being a singer and music lover, she of course met her husband, Josh, in the college choir. They married right after college and shortly moved to Colorado to start their life together. Sierra is mom to 2 year old, Corra, and soon to be born baby boy, Henry. She finds the best part of motherhood to be the everyday moments like singing, coloring, and reading with her little girl. She majored in music education and taught elementary music at The Classical Academy for 2 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. After surviving the first year of motherhood, Sierra started working part-time as an event coordinator for her church and teaching voice lessons from home. When she is not chasing a toddler, hanging out with mom friends, or trying to keep the house together, Sierra likes to sing, read, write, craft, and bake. When she is feeling more active she likes to ski, swim at the YMCA, and go camping. Her biggest dreams are to start her own business, write a book, and make a difference in her community. She is passionate about way too many things and loves to learn just about anything. Her love for Jesus, family, and food keep her sane every day. You can read more about her love for God and the grace He gives her each day at her personal blog. Sierra is so excited to be a contributor on the Colorado Springs Mom’s Blog, and she hopes her words will uplift and encourage moms of every circumstance.

Tabitha Panariso


Mom to a one year old and pregnant with another, Tabitha is a hard core decaf coffee drinker and sometimes nap taker who has lived all over the Unites States, but fortunately landed in Colorado. Her current aspirations are actually finishing an entire book and going to the bathroom without the assistance of her toddler. In her spare time, Tabitha is inspired by a variety of blogs and Pinterest. She can spend hours antiquing and crafting, with the hopes of turning her house into a home. Often that just means rearranging the furniture in the house, just one more time. Ten years ago, Tabitha somehow met the man of her dreams in the aisles of Wal-Mart and life changed forever. No warranty necessary. He challenges her to be wild and adventurous, but mostly to not take herself too seriously. Together they camp, climb fourteeners, and sit in their backyard by a roaring fire. They’re known to debate theology, talk philosophy, and taking one from Seinfeld – joke about nothing. Relationships and community are also very important to Tabitha. She cultivates her love for people in her part-time School Counseling job where she has been helping students emotionally and socially for over four years.  In 2014, Tabitha started blogging as another way to connect with others. Her blog,Tabitha Panariso, is a space where you can find her writing on faith, community, motherhood, and daily life. You can also find her on Instagram, Twitter, and of course, Pinterest.

Tonia Nifong


Tonia is a Colorado native who is very inspired by beauty, especially when it is captured in writing, dance, nature or relationships. After studying communications, Spanish, and dance at Colorado State University, she moved to Colorado Springs with her husband, Daniel. Tonia is a mama to one son, Logan (born 2016), who keeps her on her toes daily! In addition to keeping up with her energetic little guy, Tonia also works from home providing website and social media management for a local nonprofit. She is also passionate about using the arts to help individuals reach their full potential in life, and she teaches and dances with an arts-based social advocacy nonprofit.  In all she does, faith is the heartbeat of Tonia’s life, and she genuinely enjoys approaching life with a blend of creativity, compassion and a dry sense of humor. Outside of work, Tonia enjoys spending time outdoors, reading and writing in a great coffee shop and sweating it out in a ballet class. 


Tonya Jones


Tonya grew up in Iowa and attended the University of Northern Iowa, where she majored in Health Promotion (the degree you choose when you know are meant to make an impact but you don’t know exactly how)  After graduating in 2003, her adventurous spirit lead her to pack up her little car and move to Colorado Springs.  Her heart was easily won by the beautiful landscape, the amazing weather, colorful Aspen trees, and the fabulous people in this city. In 2008, she married her love and best friend, Ryan.  They added two amazing boys to the family…Landon (2009) and Kellan (2011).  After a rewarding career as a Director for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and a sales representative for Pfizer, her heart desired more time with her boys.  In 2011, she became a work from home mom, focusing on her very busy boys full time and her health and wellness coaching business part time!  Her passion as a mom includes building legos, trips to the zoo, family hikes, fishing, and camping.  Her passion as a health coach is helping people see their potential, reach goals, and lead a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time (what is that again??), she loves working out, running, and reading.  Her favorite things to do with her handsome hubby include riding bikes downtown Colorado Springs for date nights, hiking the incline, trying new (exotic) foods, spending time with great (adult) friends, and trying craft beers (inspired of course by her husband!).

Tara Odendahl


Born and raised in a small town in Iowa, Tara attended Iowa Lakes Community College, where she majored in an Associates Degree of Nursing. After graduating in the spring of 2006, she relocated to Des Moines, Iowa to pursue her career and passion as a registered nurse on a neurology floor at Mercy Medical Center. In the fall of 2006, Tara married her handsome love, Steve. They added four sweet children to their family: Ryker {8}, Priya {6} and twin girls, Harper and Haven {3}. In June 2014, with a leap of faith and decided heart, they relocated to Colorado Springs to raise their family in the beautiful state they now call home! After 8 years of working outside of the home, Tara chose to put her career as a registered nurse on hold to embrace the gift of time with her four children. Now a work-from-home mompreneur who is passionate about connecting community, Tara loves the life she now leads as a co-founder of Colorado Springs Moms Blog. A love for all things outdoors, you can find her spending her summer months camping, hiking, & boating with family. Although finding balance is a challenge with 4 littles, Tara has learned to embrace the chaos and be grateful for a blessed & busy home. In her free time (ha!), she enjoys focusing on fitness and a healthy lifestyle, listening to country music, strolling the aisles at Target, spending time with family/friends, and traveling.


Photos generously provided by Margaret Koning Photography

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