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2016 Guide to Colorado Springs Craft Fairs

We love to shop local, and we especially love to support moms who are using their talents and gifts to provide for their families.  Craft fairs are the perfect place to support moms and local businesses, find unique treasures, and get some Christmas shopping done! Use this list of Fall Craft Fairs for just that. [...]
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2016 Guide to Fall Fun Runs and Races in Colorado Springs

Get ready to race this fall! Below are all the fun runs and races in Colorado Springs! Did we miss one? Let us know by emailing the specific details to [email protected]! September 11: Strides for Epilepsy 5K Location: Memorial Park 1605 E Pikes Peak Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80910 Time: 09:00 AM Registration Fee: $35 Day [...]
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Four Things to Consider Before Taking Your Kids Out of School for Vacation

What is your opinion on taking kids out of school for a vacation? As a travel agent, this is a question I hear from my clients a lot. I wish there was a clear-cut answer I could give them, but unfortunately there is not. However, there are several factors that I recommend to them to […]

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Simplifying the Nanny Process with Poppins Payroll

We are thankful to Poppins Payroll for this sponsored post. But the thoughts & feelings are our own and we only share companies that we personally know & love! Raise your hand if you have ever thought having an in-home nanny or housekeeper would be a dream come true?  We certainly could not agree more […]

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Colorado Springs Moms Direct Sales Guide | Supporting Local Moms

Disclosure: This guide is sponsored by all of the hard working, wanting the best for their families, passionate about their products, mompreneurs featured here. We are thrilled to be able to support them in their efforts. Advocare Tara Odendahl | North CS | Monument Text: 712 790 2938 Nook Wurr | South CS Phone: 712 [...]
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There’s More To Your Varicose Veins Than Meets The Eye

We are so thankful to Dr. James. D. Albert of Albert Vein Institute who is “Colorado’s Vein Specialist” for providing this sponsored post highlighting symptoms and/or physical findings that may represent “medically necessary” venous insufficiency and the importance of being evaluated early for the safest and most effective outcome. Venous patients (varicose and spider vein […]

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