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Wear Pink for Breast Cancer: Help Raise Awareness of ALL Cancers!

Ahh, October! This means fall colors, football, Halloween, and the feeling that everything has been coated with Pepto Bismol. That’s right, it’s breast cancer awareness month!  The month where pink is everywhere, from food packaging and signs to football players' gloves and shoes. I am the son of a mother and step-mother who are breast [...]
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A Dad’s Perspective: Three Lessons I’ve Learned From Raising a Two Year Old

I realized the other day – as my daughter screamed, “I want my breakfast, daaaddyyy!” while I was changing her poopy diaper – that I had entered a different realm of living. While I’m doing something for her, she’s already petitioning for the next thing… and the next. This is a strange reality. “I want [...]
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Advice for New Moms: What I Want You to Know

Hey you, new mom. You had a baby recently or you are finally holding your prayed-for-and-adopted child in your arms. You're a jumble of emotions—excitement and fear and wonder and maybe even sadness. While you're thrilled to have a little one in your arms, you're overwhelmed with the responsibility. I get it. Welcome to the hardest, most stretching, most [...]
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