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This Mom Life: A Story of Disaster During the Devil’s Holiday

Halloween last year at our house was super scary. But, it wasn’t our costumes scaring everyone off. It was the fact that the stomach flu was ripping through our house like a hurricane.  My husband made a half-hearted attempt at taking our oldest two trick-or-treating even though he still had a fever himself, while I […]

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Cry If You Want To

Recently a fellow mom blogger wrote a piece on why she won’t post pics of her kids crying on Facebook.  I read her post and greatly respect her opinion and point of view, but I happen to have the completely opposite opinion.  As all moms know, we don’t always agree, and that’s okay. Here’s why […]

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birth story

More Of That Stuff They Don’t Tell You About Birthing Babies

You want to know what I never get tired of? Birth Stories. I’ve never heard a birth story that I didn’t find totally fascinating.  They’re all like a season finale of Grey’s Anatomy -thrilling, intriguing and there’s always some little twist that keeps you totally and unequivocally engaged.  I also love reading peoples blogs about what […]

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fat pants

An Open Letter To My Fat Pants

Dear Fat Pants, You have many names by which all women know you; yoga pants, sweatpants, or pajama pants. My favorite being faux-ga pants, because my pants have never seen one solitary downward facing dog. That is, except for my lazy 140 pound Bernese Mountain dog who only moves three times a day.  Whatever I call you, […]

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Rent a Vacation Paradise

Rent a Vacation Paradise

Vacationing as a family isn’t always a vacation when you think about squeezing a whole family (in our case five) into a single hotel room where everyone has to go to bed at the same time and you have to buy meals three times a day… plus snacks. However, the thought of vacation and making […]

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Aging Gracefully      

People don’t seem to want to age gracefully anymore. In fact, women especially, seem to do anything within their power to defy the aging process. Apparently having needles stuck in your face and deadly toxins injected into your muscles is preferable to a few wrinkles. When did aging become a plague that we were all […]

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