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Stealing Individual Time

Words With Kids: Stealing Individual Time

This is the fourth in a series about communication between you and your child. Why focus on communication? Brazilian educator Paulo Freire says it best: “Yet only through communication can human life hold meaning.” We talk to our children from birth; we spend countless hours and millions of words communicating with them over a lifetime. […]

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Surviving as a New Stay-at-Home Mom

Now that my youngest is in school, I realize the days were long, but the years were short. I’m so thankful looking back for the lazy days at the playground and the hours spent in a rocking chair with my babies. With kids in high school, middle school, and elementary now, things move at a […]

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becoming good enough mom

Becoming a Good Enough Mom

I’m mesmerized watching her. Adopted from China just four months earlier, my youngest daughter holds her baby doll with its head cradled in her arm. She smiles at the baby and talks softly, telling her to stay with mommy so she’s safe. Next, she climbs up on the big green rocker and scoots her little […]

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