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UCHealth Ask an Expert: Advanced Maternal Age

We are so thankful to UCHealth maternal-fetal medicine specialist Laura Klein, MD, for taking time to answer our important questions submitted by our community of moms regarding advanced maternal age.

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Forever Loved | Never Forgotten

Forever Loved, Never Forgotten. October 15th marks Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, and the month of October is set aside to bring awareness as well. One in four pregnancies do not go full-term.  We feel the loss of our babies, whether it’s marked on the calendar or not, but often it can feel as if […]

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rainbow baby

Rethinking Using the Term “Rainbow Baby”

July 17th marks the day my family and I lost our little Hope to miscarriage. It has been an unbelievable four years since then. Although the following years have brought us two healthy boys and a kind of healing that only time can offer, we are hesitant to call our middle child a “rainbow baby”. “Rainbow baby” is a […]

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Announcing your pregnant COMB

When To Announce You’re Pregnant

A month or so ago I was scrolling through Pinterest, and I came across an article which totally rubbed me the wrong way. I purposefully didn’t link to the article, because what I’m writing about isn’t about that specific author. It’s about pushing the opinion (written in this particular article) out there that you should […]

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