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Three Statements A Teacher Never Wants to Hear From A Parent

Sometimes parents and teachers don’t see eye-to-eye. Parents may think their kids are angels; teachers may think parents don’t want to hear their perspective about their student. Either way, there are certain things that parents never want to hear teachers say, just like there are things teachers never want to hear parents say. So, in […]

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My Lunch date 1

Forget Valentine’s Day- I Have a Date Every Week!

Forget Valentine’s Day. I have a standing date every week. We’re not very exciting, we go to the same place, eat the same meals and sit in the same spot. Every week, without fail. Some people may not consider it very exciting, but it works for us. My standing date is my son. My wonderful, […]

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They can disappear fast!

Super Easy Halloween Treats For A Few Or An Entire Classroom

If you’re like me, you’ve done time volunteering in classrooms. And sometimes you are in charge of events and have to come up with cute activities and crafts for the kiddos to create and enjoy. This little tasty treat has been serving me well for years, from my Brownie Girl Scouts to classroom parties, this […]

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Kristin Volunteer

Do you hear that siren call? Come…Volunteer in Your Child’s Classroom….

It’s that time of year again, back to school. If you have school aged children, you are hearing the siren call of every school, teacher, PTA and school organization….Come volunteer with us! Why Should I Volunteer? While you certainly don’t have to (unless you belong to a school that requires it), volunteering is just that-Voluntary! […]

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