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Smart Phone

Why I Don’t Want My Kid to Have a Phone that’s Smarter than He is

Before I ever had kids, I always thought that I would be the cool mom. You know the type, the one that is more like a friend than a parent. As their best friend, my kids would tell me everything. I would trust them completely and not worry about them making bad decisions- because they would […]

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When You Have to Talk to your Child about Suicide

Our community has experienced what seems like an influx of suicides. In fact, just last year, Colorado lost 1,058 people to suicide, setting a disturbingly new state record and placing us at the seventh highest rate of suicides in the nation. (source) We’ve tragically lost lives of children and teens that were teeming of potential but abruptly cut […]

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CSMB 3 things never say

Three Statements A Teacher Never Wants to Hear From A Parent

Sometimes parents and teachers don’t see eye-to-eye. Parents may think their kids are angels; teachers may think parents don’t want to hear their perspective about their student. Either way, there are certain things that parents never want to hear teachers say, just like there are things teachers never want to hear parents say. So, in […]

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My Lunch date 1

Forget Valentine’s Day- I Have a Date Every Week!

Forget Valentine’s Day. I have a standing date every week. We’re not very exciting, we go to the same place, eat the same meals and sit in the same spot. Every week, without fail. Some people may not consider it very exciting, but it works for us. My standing date is my son. My wonderful, […]

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