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Dion’s Recrafted Salads: Friday Night Dinner Just got an Upgrade

We are thankful to our partner Dion's for providing this sponsored post.

Dion’s is our family’s Friday night dinner. Let’s just say it’s my husband’s “go to” meal when it’s his turn to cook. I use the word “cook” lightly. My Husband considers calling or ordering online, “cooking.” We usually order pizza, salad, and a bottle of Dion’s amazing Ranch dressing. Seriously, my kids forget that Ranch is just a side for the pizza to be dipped in, not part of the main meal.

Last Friday, my husband came home with dinner like he normally does, but this time there was a twist. He surprised me with a new salad. Normally, we order the Chef but this time it was the Southwest salad. It contained a mix of greens (What? Something other than plain iceberg lettuce), chicken, avocado, black beans, roasted corn, cheddar, tomatoes, crunchy wonton strips and Green Chile Ranch. It was AMAZING! I enjoyed the salad so much I almost forgot to eat my slice of pizza, almost.

Our dinner conversation was better than usual as well! Let me explain. The hubs told me about his experience placing our order online. If something can be ordered online, my hubs has ordered it. He noticed the picture of the Southwest salad and thought, “Avocado, she loves avocado.” Of course, I had to see the picture that inspired the change. I must say, the photo does do the Southwest salad justice.

Also, I was surprised to learn that Dion’s has totally upgraded several of their salads. They have heartier greens like Kale and they’ve added new ingredients like black beans and roasted corn. They’ve even added bacon to our beloved Chef salad. The hubs and I chatted about the ingredients in each salad. We even discussed what salad we’re having next week. It was almost like we were on a date, minus the “eat your dinner struggle” with the three tiny humans at the table with us.

Next time it’s your husband’s turn to “cook” dinner, casually suggest for him to order something new or take the bull by the horns and place the order for him to pick-up on his way home. I’m confident you’ll both enjoy the change to your routine.

Dion’s can be found on the intersection of N. Powers & Dublin and reached at 719-265-4645. They can also be found on Facebook

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