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When Dads Need Dad Friends: Apply Now

Let’s talk about something that doesn’t seem to ever come up, and if it does, we seem to shrug it off:

Dad friends. 

There are countless blog posts about moms, and how they desire mom friends; but not so much in the dad friends department.

Why is that?

Are they just not writing these posts? I mean dads go through parenthood right along us moms—surely they have some of the same friendship desires. They have hard days, and just want someone to relate to them. They need some time away, and a night out just as much as the next mom.

With that, my girlfriends and I have come to realize that guys don’t just come right out and say it. Its like some secret thing, or something that seems shameful to say: that they need some dad friends. 

So How Do Our Guys Get Some Dad Friends? 

The simplest thing I can think of is putting an ad out there. I’m talking Craigslist want ads. I mean how much more men friendly can we get? They don’t need some lengthy post going on about their feelings, and desires. Dad’s just want to get straight to the point of it all. They don’t need playdates, and formal meet-ups. Ain’t no (man) got time for that. 

All the men would be shaking their heads in agreement with this.

Without further ado, I present the Dad Friend Ad. Fully Customizable to fit every Dad’s needs.

Dad Friend Wanted! Description Below. Apply Now: 

  • Has to have kids… at least some of the similar age.
  • Someone who has similar beliefs, and outlook on life.
  • Has a desire to grow, and be better.
  • Hopefully ambitious in life.
  • Football. Enough said. 
  • Challenge each other.
  • Must like beer and beef jerky… BYOB and Jerky.
  • Balances seriousness and fun.
  • Venting is allowed, degrading spouses is not. 
  • The occasional double-date with spouses. **Not mandatory though.
  • Doesn’t have to talk about feelings.
  • Likes to go and do manly things: shooting, ATVing, paint balling, or other adventurous activities.

If any of the above applies to you, then you’re in. I’ll have my wife call your wife. 

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One Response to When Dads Need Dad Friends: Apply Now

  1. Cameron February 10, 2018 at 1:34 pm #

    Nice work! This is funny stuff 🙂

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