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Honey I Shrunk the House: The Idea of Living Tiny

My husband and I have this crazy idea. I mean the kind where you say it out loud and then you laugh because you can’t believe you just said that kind of crazy idea. We want to explore the idea of living tiny.

Not Kidding

The idea crossed my mind briefly after reading this awhile ago. You’ve heard of living as a minimalist, right? Where you declutter and have limited items in your home despite having the space for it.

We apparently want to do that to the extreme. I say apparently because I really can’t believe we are even looking into this at all. I mean we just had our third baby a few months ago, so why would we want to sell the majority of our belongings and live small? The only reason I can honestly give is that we like a challenge. Insert the emoji woman that looks unsure with her hands up here, because that is me.

We want to full-time live in a renovated RV as a family of five. That statement makes me picture a clown car, where all the clowns keep filing out of the car, and everyone is asking themselves how they all fit in there. See, we have this dream to own something and make it completely ours on a much smaller scale than a brick and mortar house. Right now our kids are young and small. They think this idea would be so fun and exciting. I should add that their grandparents currently explore the U.S. in a motorhome and that’s why they think this experience will be all sunshine and rainbows.

The Vision

The idea is to find an older RV and put some elbow grease into it and a fresh coat of paint.

If that all goes well, we will risk it all and try our hand at some DIY renovations. My background is in interior design, and I grew up with a dad that would take me out to the garage and quiz me on the names of tools. So, needless to say, I know my way around basic tools. We could at least flip an RV and maybe walk away with some money.

But we want to take it a step further, and immerse ourselves in the concept of truly living tiny. 

Living Tiny… Cozy or Crazy? 

This idea completely terrifies me, and also keeps me up at night with all the possibilities.  I have some serious questions. I mean, will I go completely insane with three small children in less than 200 square feet of living space? Should we try it and bail if it all goes up in flames? Hopefully, not literally in flames. It excites my husband, and it’s all he can talk about. It is something to seriously process and explore.

But I can’t help but wonder, are we the only ones out there with this crazy idea? Have you tried it? Do you love it? I need to know. Sincerely, the emoji mama with her hands in the air unsure of what to do. 

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