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Our Gift To You: Some Merry Music


What gets you through your holiday to-do list? Some are fueled by peppermint-flavored everything or the twinkle of Christmas lights. Personally, I get by on Christmas music — lots of it!

My Love for Holiday Music 

When I was working full-time, my job required me to listen to Christmas tunes in July, when I began writing Christmas-themed letters for special fundraising campaigns. Okay, required may be too strong a term, but I found it essential to getting in the holiday spirit when the temps were still in the 90s. I loved discovering new artists and covers of beloved songs.

Fast forward a few years: with two kids under three, I found myself woefully out of the music loop. Yet the desire for new tunes was still strong, so I set off on making a fresh playlist to start the holiday season off right.

A Little Playlist for You

Perhaps you, too, are in need of some great Christmas music. If so, I hope you enjoy the playlist below. It includes some of my favorites along with some from my fellow Colorado Springs Moms Blog contributors and friends. May these new takes on quintessential holiday tunes encourage thoughtful moments, impromptu dance parties, and boundless energy for the tasks-at-hand.

To listen to the list in full, you will need a Spotify account. But I’ve found it’s well worth it to discover new music and old favorites.

Now you have some new seasonal accompaniment to tackle that cookie exchange or the wrapping marathon or assembling the latest hot toy with one thousand pieces and only an allen wrench to assist you! Merry Christmas and happy holidays, mama!

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