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New Year, New Plan

There is nothing like the clean slate feel of a brand new year. There is so much possibility and hope that challenges will improve and that new opportunities will come. I normally make a huge list of resolutions each year. But frankly, in the last few years, I could just change the date at the top of the page.

I am not accomplishing anything. I still want to and have the best of intentions, but need better actions.

New Ideas

For 2018, I am going to try something a bit different. First, I am going to do a little soul searching and think about what I still want to accomplish in the New Year. Maybe some of the things on the old resolutions list are just wishful thinking. Some may not be so important to me right now or not important at all anymore.

It will also give me a prime opportunity to edit. My resolutions list is usually 25-30 items, which is just too many to reasonably do, I think. It is time to set some priorities.

New Tasks

Another thing that I am going to do is use my edited resolutions list and sit down with my 2018 planner and add tasks into my planner. For example, one of my resolutions was to learn to knit. So I will locate a nearby knitting class with a time that works for me. Then, I will schedule myself to register for class and buy supplies and finally, pop the classes into my schedule. I am hoping that adding it to my monthly schedule so I can see it and anticipate it will help.

Also I think having an actual task to complete instead of just “learn to knit” may help me take steps forward. I am thinking about it more as a to-do list instead of a wish list which is what my resolutions tend to resemble.

New Words

Since my resolutions will have turned into scheduled tasks, I am going to choose a focus word or phrase for the year, as well.

I have not decided on it yet, but I want it to be something that can have an impact for the entire year and in lots of areas of my life. I need to think about the effect I want it to have in my life. Maybe I would choose “be present.” To honor that, I would turn off my phone during family evenings or maybe limit myself to checking email only once on the weekends and put the phone away. Stop multitasking while I am spending time with my loved ones.

I am hoping that these changes will make 2018 a more productive and fulfilling year. Happy New Year to all!

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