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The End of Summer Vacation: Time For Mimosas Or Tears?

Is summer vacation over?  Is it time to go back to school?

Sumer vacation is over!! It’s time to go back to school!!


Yup, there it is.  Sighs of relief being released by mothers everywhere (and sure, Dads too!)

For some of us lucky enough to not have to go into work on this day, and with smart (crazy) girlfriends, this day should include brunch and mimosas.


We survived summer vacation.

And, miraculously, so did the kids.

Mimosas, it is!!

Seriously, this day IS a cause for celebration.

I don’t get it.  Every year, I suffer the same amnesia.  I get caught up in the insanity that is the last month of school, and desperately start counting down the days until we’re released—forgetting what comes next.  What really comes next.  I focus on the blissful end to hectic schedule and last minute (desperate) needs.  Just counting down until IT. ALL. ENDS.  Then about 3 days into my desperately (frantically) desired summer vacation, I remember.  Oh yeah.  This sucks, too.

Summer Vacation  

That time when your kids all get along, peacefully hang out in your house all day, happily eat healthy snacks, play with their friends, entertain themselves, blissfully do daily chores and educational workbooks—with added in fun trips to the zoo, pool, local parks and camping. 

Experienced no family ever.  EVER.

This last year, we lasted 3 days—three days—before I started counting down to the start of school. 

I think that was when the first fight broke out.  Between the 19 year old and the 6 year old.  Seriously.  What could they possibly have to fight about, you ask??  NOTHING!!  EVERYTHING!!  Since when have two children (ahem, 19=adult!) needed a reason to fight??  NEVER!!

I love my children.  I really do.  But summer vacation has ended.  We made it.  Thank God.  It got a little dicey there towards the end.  What was I thinking putting them into a minivan and believing we could travel?  Has mommyhood affected my brain to the point where I forgot LAST SUMMER??

I need a vacation.

From my kids’ vacation.

Teachers, God Bless You.

They’re yours now.

Good luck!!

I’m out.

Getting Mimosas….

How are you doing?  Are you ready for back to school?  Or are you dreading the back-to-school grind?  If you’re looking for ideas for how to approach the new school year, check out Kristin’s post from a few years back about setting a New Groove for a New School Year!

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