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Top 7 Things You Think In The Last Month Of Pregnancy

We all know that the last month of pregnancy lasts about 354 days.

If you’re nearing the last month of your first pregnancy, then you are quickly learning it will drag on forever. And despite researching all the pregnancy must haves, some thoughts inevitably begin to come to mind.

Things You Think in That Last Month of Pregnancy:

1.You begin to wonder if going into natural labor is a thing of the past.

Seriously though, is my body not aware this child needs to come out? Did it miss that class during biology? Because these Braxton Hicks contractions are useless.

2. Any article of clothing that can go up and over my bump is fair game.

 Your outfits consist of underwear, sweatpants, your husband’s t-shirts and whatever else you can manage to get to cover your bump. Bonus if the top and bottom match, but that is by no means necessary at this point. 

3. How many more things can I get away with buying before this baby comes? 

I need these new slippers, you know, for postpartum healing & breastfeeding… everything is about breastfeeding. *Tosses into the cart.*

4. Pregnancy claustrophobia has to be a thing. 

I love this child inside of me, but for five minutes I would like to pretend this is a sympathy belly and take it off for a break. Maybe give it to my spouse for a little bit…

5. Was that my water breaking? Or did I pee a little? 

Pause for a few seconds, recall every movie you’ve seen with this scene in it and reevaluate your current state. Maybe overreact, tell anyone and everyone your water broke and head to the hospital. Be sent home because, turns out you just peed a little. 

6. What in the world are we supposed to name this kid? 

It’s been put off as long as possible and we might have to subject ourselves to public suggestions. Facebook post here we come…

7. I used to be able to sleep, hence #4 above. 

Okay sleep has been impossible long before the last month of pregnancy, BUT now you are so close to the end, and yet so very far away. It all seems a little too harsh for this mama to not even be able to roll over without making unfortunate noises. 

While the Struggle Is Real…

Although we mamas have had some or all of these thoughts, we can take comfort that pregnancy will, in fact, not last forever. Despite the denial, we all experience those last days of baking a human. Before you know it, you’ll be missing some of these struggles. But holding your newborn makes all of it worth it.

Every single thing. 

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