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Community + Connection

Hello, Mamas!
When was the last time you sat and chatted over coffee with a friend? That’s what I thought. I can’t remember either! Social media has taken the place of our “village” in many ways. We use it to stay in contact with far flung family and friends, as well as crowd source parenting advice and recommendations. Gone seem the days of impromptu coffee with neighbors after dropping the kids at school.

What if we can bring it back? Let’s find our village right here in the Springs.

Seek out the mom on your block also struggling to choose a preschool or kindergarten in this city of many options. Find the mom who knows where the best happy hour is in your corner of Colorado Springs. Have a place you know you can go to when you need a friend to go see that new movie with or try out happy hour at that new restaurant. Let’s take our conversations off of the screen and into our community. Together we can support one another and celebrate the journey of motherhood!

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