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Christmas Lights

Counting Down to Christmas

We absolutely LOVE Christmas!  It’s not enough to celebrate one day, so we like to count down using advent activities.  Some are simple, some take a little planning.  Some reinforce our faith, some are just for fun.  Some are sweet, some are crafty.  We’ve danced on bubble wrap to some fabulous Christmas music, we’ve watched […]

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An Adoption Journey

Learning to Dance: An Adoption Journey

I’ve put off writing this post.  It’s not that I didn’t want to write it, but I’ve been unsure where to start. My hope is to give a realistic picture of adoption in all its messy beautifulness, and give honesty to our story, while also protecting our kids hearts. We are a family with four kids fully ours, fully […]

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Black Friday 2011 with overlay

Why I Don’t Pledge on Black Friday

Don’t hate. I see all those ‘I pledge’ memes, and while I appreciate your sentiment and I resent Target and Walmart for morphing Black Friday into Holiday Thursday, I love the sport. I remember my first year “Black Friday” shopping (that was when the best deals happened at 5 am on Friday not 6 pm […]

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Holy Age Gap Bat-Mom

My name is Deanna and my kids are 22 years old (Which is strange all on its own because all of my social media has me listed as 29. Weird, right?) and 6 years old. I know. Holy age gap bat-mom! I often get asked about the age gap and what it is like. I […]

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Survival Tips for When the Whole Family is Sick

Recently, my husband and I both came down with a terrible stomach virus. You know the kind of illness that debilitates and leaves you lying on the bathroom floor. The kind of illness that brings you to thank God that you bought the cushier and softer bathroom rug from Target. The kind that puts life on pause. When […]

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CSMB thanksgiving inspritation

Thanksgiving Day Outfit Inspiration

I want to blame my mother – but now being a mom makes me slightly hesitant – but honestly, it is her fault. I am used to having an outfit for every holiday. I’m pretty sure it’s fairly common for most family members (let’s be real here, my husband doesn’t always eat Christmas ham with […]

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csmb gluten free

Gluten Free Holidays

We have eaten gluten free for almost 10 years now. Several of our family members have varying degrees of gluten intolerance. While we can have some gluten we’ve also had seasons where gluten was a no go, and that included several holidays. Even now when we have a little gluten during the holidays, we generally choose […]

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