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Three Statements A Teacher Never Wants to Hear From A Parent

Sometimes parents and teachers don’t see eye-to-eye. Parents may think their kids are angels; teachers may think parents don’t want to hear their perspective about their student. Either way, there are certain things that parents never want to hear teachers say, just like there are things teachers never want to hear parents say. So, in […]

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My Lunch date 1

Forget Valentine’s Day- I Have a Date Every Week!

Forget Valentine’s Day. I have a standing date every week. We’re not very exciting, we go to the same place, eat the same meals and sit in the same spot. Every week, without fail. Some people may not consider it very exciting, but it works for us. My standing date is my son. My wonderful, […]

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Valentine's Weekend Parents' Night Out

Valentine’s Weekend: Parents’ Night Out

My husband and I had our first date on Valentine’s weekend. We went go-kart racing, saw a movie AND had a lovely dinner, complete with a great bottle of wine and live music. Ahhhhhh… Life before kids. Those magnificent days when you could decide you wanted to go out, brush your hair, throw on your […]

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The List You Need: Favorite Indoor Play Places

Pop Quiz: On average, which month boasts Colorado Springs’ heaviest snowfalls? Despite last week’s epic storm, the correct answer is March. (Yikes!) So if you’re looking to add a few new indoor play places to your repertoire (especially as that epic snowfall turns into a muddy mess later this week) we have a list for […]

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Rough image of how you can map out your home. Include ALL escape routes!

Family Fire Escape Plan

Our family is a fire family. My husband is a firefighter, and more often than not, he is checking to make sure everything is “up to code” around the house. I have once mistakenly put a warm toaster oven back into the cupboard before it had a chance to cool down after being used, and…. […]

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Tackling My Laundry

Six Laundry Hacks To Improve Your Day Do you have a love/hate relationship with laundry? I know my relationship with it is definitely on-again-off-again. Sometimes I can tackle it like no ones business and sometimes it leaves me buried and feeling defeated. I just can’t seem to keep a steady relationship with it whether it […]

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