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CSMB Scavenger Hunt

The Thrill of the (Scavenger) Hunt

It’s hunting season here at Colorado Springs Moms Blog- scavenger hunting, that is! Below you will find a series of hints for locations around town.  Snap a quick picture of you or your kids (or a group shot together) at each location and post it to Instagram  AND  Facebook.  Be sure to use #CSMBhunt and […]

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On the summit of Pike's Peak!

Stuck in the Mommy Rut?

We find ourselves there without even realizing it.  Before we know it, habit and routine become everything.  Don’t get me wrong, habits and routines are good.  It’s how we get everything done.  How else could we manage multiple loads of laundry every day, homework, dinner, diapers, carpool, chore charts, dishes, and the occasional vomiting child?  […]

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Pinterest is great.  Pinterest is amazing. You can gather all kinds of information and ideas in just mere minutes that would have taken hours, days or weeks in the past. It has seriously opened up doors to many great things, but I have some pinterest gripes too and I’m about to shine a light on […]

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Finding My Tribe

Mommy friends–they are crucial to your sanity but not always easy to come by. I have often heard finding mommy friends is like dating and let me tell you, it is true! After I had my daughter I joined a few local mommy play groups hoping to make friends and find allies. I had a […]

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How to (not) do it all

How to (not) do it all

In my early years of motherhood, I asked a wonderful woman at my church how she “did it all”.  She has two well-mannered young men, always manages to look amazing & stylish, taught our class at church with her husband, and was/is beloved by all who know her.  I was exhausted and bewildered as a mother […]

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Announcing your pregnant COMB

When To Announce You’re Pregnant

A month or so ago I was scrolling through Pinterest, and I came across an article which totally rubbed me the wrong way. I purposefully didn’t link to the article, because what I’m writing about isn’t about that specific author. It’s about pushing the opinion (written in this particular article) out there that you should […]

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exercise reward system

Six Easy Fitness Tips to Stay Motivated

It’s 5:35 AM and your alarm is buzzing for the third time. You need to get up and workout because it’s On. Your. Schedule. You know, the one you make at the beginning of every month? You told yourself for the 100th time you were going to make this a routine. The only thing going through your mind […]

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