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Heart-Hugs Tula Baby/Toddler Carrier|Giveaway

{GIVEAWAY} Heart-Hugs is a specialty babywearing and natural parenting store based in Colorado Springs. Heart-Hugs provides a wide variety of carriers and parenting products and strives to help parents enhance the special bonds that they share with their little ones. As an award-winning industry leader, Tula is proud to offer the most beautiful, easy-to use, […]

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Summer CSMB

From “Summer Mom” to “Room Mom”

I’m a “Summer Mom“, through and through.  I absolutely love late nights, sleeping in, going on adventures, and playing with my kids.  I start my summer countdown when we get back from Christmas break!  The picture above shows how we feel about summer. But… I have to admit, my OCD twitches when the store aisles […]

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Grocery Salvation at your Door

Grocery Salvation At Your Door

Well Hello There New Baby If you’ve had a baby, or more than one baby you know that those first weeks can pass in a blur of exhaustion, sweet newborn moments, hormonal rage (I mean not me but some people…) and eating a lot of casseroles from friends and family.  At some point, those life […]

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CSMB Best Breastfeeding Practices

Breastfeeding and You

In lieu of World Breastfeeding Week, I can’t help but think about my own personal journey through breastfeeding my son. I had such nervous anticipation when the nurses handed him to me in the delivery room. Would he latch on? Would I know how to position him? I literally had no idea what I was […]

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crunchy mom COSMB

When You’re Not The Crunchiest Mom Around

  I am not what you could consider a crunchy mom. I have mom friends who’d I’d say are crunchy, and they’re awesome. This is not about not liking someone’s crunch. But, if you are more like me and had a fully medicated birth, only nursed for a few months, let your child poop in non-cloth […]

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Homework Can Be Torture for the ADHD Child

Don’t Label MY Kid ADHD

I Know About ADHD I graduated from college a teacher.   I paid my way through school life guarding and teaching swim lessons.  I know about ADHD.  People who work around kids for any length of time, we can pick them out.  Or so I thought…. My Child?  Really? Flash forward a few years and I […]

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