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last month of pregnancy

Top 7 Things You Think In The Last Month Of Pregnancy

We all know that the last month of pregnancy lasts about 354 days. If you’re nearing the last month of your first pregnancy, then you are quickly learning it will drag on forever. And despite researching all the pregnancy must haves, some thoughts inevitably begin to come to mind. Things You Think in That Last Month […]

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CSMB thanksgiving inspritation

Thanksgiving Day Outfit Inspiration

I want to blame my mother – but now being a mom makes me slightly hesitant – but honestly, it is her fault. I am used to having an outfit for every holiday. I’m pretty sure it’s fairly common for most family members (let’s be real here, my husband doesn’t always eat Christmas ham with […]

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Mama and the Crop Top

This summer, the cropped top has been everywhere! I think the style was everywhere last summer too, but I don’t really remember. Mommy brain.  What I do remember is the first time I showed my husband a cropped top.  He promptly pointed to our son and walked away. Point taken… and then I snuck out […]

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