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Colorado Springs guide to September

The Colorado Springs Moms Guide to September 2017

It's Fall y'all! Let's embrace the cooler temperatures and all the pumpkin spice that comes with that. Speaking of pumpkins, come kick off the fall season with Colorado Springs Moms Blog at our Kick Off to Fall Family Festival happening at Longneck Pumpkin Farm! Tickets are available here. Also, check out for our comprehensive 2017 [...]
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csmb boredom 1

Beating Winter Boredom at the Library

Winter and the cold weather it often brings with it can also mean more days inside, and the dreaded “B” word: boredom. However, we recently discovered a new resource at our local library that we will definitely be taking advantage of throughout the year — especially as winter boredom sets in. Pike’s Peak Library District has so many amazing […]

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