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fall festivals

2016 Guide to Fall Festivals in Colorado Springs

As our days of lovely weather and longer sunlight dwindle, we are always looking for opportunities to take advantage of activities before the snow flies! This guide will help you plan out your last days of fall. From carnivals to geeky science festivals to scary haunted mines, there is something for everyone no matter how [...]
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Summer Festivals Colorado Springs

Summer Festivals in Colorado Springs

One of my family’s favorite summer past times is festival hopping (Look it up. It’s a thing.) There is just something about a street festival, live music, and traditional fair food that screams, “IT’S SUMMER TIME!” (Not to mention I have a borderline unhealthy relationship with funnel cakes, a festival food staple.) ;) Check out [...]
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Your Guide to Pumpkins, Apples, Aspens and Fall Festivals

Colorful Colorado Springs in the FALL: Your Guide to Pumpkins, Apples, Aspens and Fall Festivals {2015}

There is nothing quite like Fall in Southern Colorado.  The crisp, cool air…the beautiful colors of the Aspen trees…fabulous weather…so many incredible festivals and pumpkin patches to visit.  Grab a warm apple cider or a yummy pumpkin spice drink, pack your camera and head to the mountains. If you’re like me and are kicking yourself […]

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